Play it safe: schedule a summer service appointment for your vehicle

Your vehicle was a significant investment and regardless of its age, it's so important to keep up with routine maintenance and service. Scheduling regular service appointments for your vehicle at the beginning of each season is always a wise idea because it lets us here at Dahl Automotive of Onalaska both keep your car in great shape and catch any damaging issues before they get out of hand.


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If you've already traveled quite a bit this summer or you plan to in the near future, schedule a service appointment for your vehicle. This will help us make sure it's in excellent condition and running safely so that you can drive with total confidence. We'll happily perform anything from oil changes and tire rotations to fluid flushes to repairing your air conditioning. We're also ready to handle any other pressing matters that may require more time and work.

Don't let time get the best of you and your vehicle. Schedule a service appointment today and we'll make sure we have you moving safely and smoothly in no time.

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