What Can You Do with the Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus has many technology features that optimize your driving experience. These technology features make it one of the most popular compact cars. Two notable smart technology features of the 2018 Ford Focus are Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Lane-Keeping System.

Blind spots make some drivers nervous, especially in the beginning when they're learning to drive. The Ford Focus has cameras and sensors located in key areas of the vehicle to increase your awareness of other drivers and objects. Its Blind Spot Information System also provides cross-traffic alert. This helps you drive more safely.

The Lane-Keeping System complements the BLIS in helping you drive more safely. It assists with keeping your car in its lane. Whether you're tired or momentarily distracted, the Lane-Keeping System automatically steers you back into the lane when the car starts to drift. How does it know the boundaries of your lane? The technology relies on the mounted camera to monitor the lane's boundaries.

Because of its excellent technology features that improve safety on the road, the Ford Focus is ideal for drivers who prioritize safety in a vehicle. It's a good car for young or new drivers too. You can test drive the 2018 Ford Focus at our Dahl Ford Lincoln in Onalaska, WI.

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