Spare Tires Decoded

In an ideal world you would never have to use your spare tire. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case and thus it important to know the two main types of spare tires you will likely encounter. We here at Dahl Ford Lincoln in Onalaska, WI are here to break down the differences for you.

The first type of spare is a full-size spare. This is an identical copy of your current tires and can be replaced and driven on normally. The second type is a compact temporary or donut spare tire. This type usually comes with some type of speed restriction as it is only to be used in an emergency and only to get you to a service center where a proper replacement tire can be installed.

We here at Dahl Ford Lincoln in Onalaska, WI offer tire replacements among many other services and wish you and your family the safest of travels as you return to the road. Schedule your appointment today!

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