Car Services Guide: When to Check Brake Fluid

All cars need their brake fluids checked regularly to prevent grinding and heat exhaustion within the brake system. Your brakes use the fluid to prevent overheating, but when levels dip low, your brakes can grow increasingly hot and wear out.

Changing your brake fluid is a simple auto maintenance that many mechanics do along with an oil change. There are also different types of brake fluid including the silicon-based DOT5 or others that are more water-absorbent, like DOT3 and DOT4.

Most mechanics will check your brake fluids whenever you need maintenance, and it should be included with your service plan. Brake fluid replacement is not that costly either as you are really only buying the brake fluid. If you need to check your brakes, you should talk to the service department at Dahl Automotive of Onalaska. Our team has professional brake services for all car make and models. You can find us conveniently located in Onalaska. Schedule your appointment today!

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