Things to Consider Before Towing Anything with your Vehicle

The team at Dahl Ford Lincoln wanted to pass on this towing guide safety list to ensure you have no trouble on the roads this year.

  • Adjust the side mirrors and add blind-spot mirrors to help increase visibility on the road.
  • Before you leave, now is the best time to make certain the brake lights and turn signal lights on the trailer are all working properly.
  • Check the tire pressure in the tires on the trailer once the vehicle is in position. Allow a little time to pass and check them again to see if there may be a leak in one or more tires.
  • If the maximum weight of the trailer hitch is exceeded, you will experience trouble on the road. Upgrade the hitch, never drive with a heavier load than recommended.

Now would be a good time to bring your vehicle to our service center at Dahl Ford Lincoln for a maintenance inspection before towing another vehicle.

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